instructor spotlight: Kristen Rizzuto!

instructor spotlight: Kristen Rizzuto!

Meet Kristen!

Check out our spotlight on the fabulous Kristen Rizzuto, kinected instructor & professional dancer!

Skeleton_BumpyBall_round_kinectedPreferred prop:

Squishy ball! Gurdy ball! Overball! Whatever it’s called, I love it. It’s such a versatile little dude! You can easily change its size & stick it anywhere. Suddenly you have a device capable of increasing proprioception and decreasing your support base. Stick one in your bag for some on-the-go stability training or for a stellar game of catch with your Pilates peeps.   

Fave muscle:

Going with the diaphragm on this one… So important, so cool, so spirited! It keeps you breathing, looks like a gym class parachute, contains a silent letter, gives your heart a never-ending piggy back ride, plays chase with the pelvic floor, and when it’s feelin’ sassy, it gives you hiccups!

Fun fact about you?

I can list 79 countries to the tune of The Can Can, I quote Center Stage on a semi-regular basis, and I keep a running list of my favorite fictional orphans (ranked to 25)… It’s not creepy.

DSCF2229.jpegThe human body has always fascinated Kristen, who grew up dancing in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was this fascination & love of movement that led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Southern Mississippi, where she took courses in Anatomy, Kinesiotherapy, and Biomechanics. After moving to New York, Kristen was exposed to the superb awesomeness of Pilates as a means to work through injury, recondition the body, and improve overall posture & fitness. Kristen obtained her Pilates Mat & Apparatus Certifications from the Kane School of Core Integration and aims to provide movement experiences for clients that both challenge and empower. When Kristen isn’t dancing or Pilatesing, you’ll probably find her crouched over a bag of Haribo gummy bears, casually humming the score from Cats the Musical… for which she harbors a life-long obsession.

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