mentor program wrap-up: Andrea Silver

mentor program wrap-up: Andrea Silver

Our recent kinectED mentee, Andrea Silver, shares her reflections on her mentorship. Read on, learn more and contact us to get in on it.

andrea_silver_webjpgMy mentorship at Kinected was invaluable. At the age of 62, I had been teaching Pilates for four years, most of the time in my own studio in Connecticut. I had taken numerous educational workshops at Kinected and conferences but I wanted to experience the intensity of regularly working with experts in the field in order to hone and expand my Pilates skills. I was already specializing in the pre/post menopausal woman but wanted to become expert in working with this population.

I truly appreciate that FAMI was the introduction to my program since it really made anatomy come to life and gave me a greater understanding of how the human body works. I thank Matt for designing a program that combines the intellect with the practical. I researched, wrote, gave lectures to Kinected students as well as co-taught with amazing instructors. Matt and I both learned and laughed about the “7 dwarves” of the menopausal woman – “itchy, bitchy, sweaty, sleepy, bloated, forgetful and psycho. Matt continuously encouraged me to go deeper and deeper into my research learning more about the physical and psychological effects of the changes women experience through menopause and how Pilates can help women. I can’t thank him enough for this helping me through this journey.

Being part of the Kinected community was exciting and enriching. I wish I could do another mentorship but for now teaching this amazing population is awesome.

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