FAMI to-go!

FAMI to-go!

Are you a FAMI alum? FAMI first-timer? If you ever wished you could replay your favorite FAMI lectures or get a taste of FAMI for the first time, now you can! Introducing the FAMI Anatomy To-Go Series—learn and get inspired as Dr. Laitman and Dr. Reidenberg take you on a tour of the back, the upper extremity, the lower extremity, and the pelvic floor. Experience the heart of FAMI and keep it forever.

Normally $149, snag this pack for $99 through the end of the year!

FAMI Lite: Anatomy to-go!

*These lectures are also a part of FAMI Semester — you can upgrade at any time to the full FAMI Semester course set. *

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