black lives matter. always.

black lives matter. always.

Two weeks ago, we took our first steps in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. We want to share with you how those steps have evolved into paths and where we see them going.

STEP ONE: Donate
– So far, we’ve held 2 benefit classes per week, raising funds for Campaign Zero and NAACP – thank you to all those who attended and donated in this way.
– We will continue holding weekly benefit classes – next week’s class proceeds will go to Urban Bush Women – with Jinny McGivern, PT, DPT, CFMT on Fri, 7/10, 3-4pm EST.

Fri, 7/10: 3-4pm EST
STEP TWO: Research
Over the past two weeks, we have listened and will continue to listen to clients, students, teachers, advocates, and experts to understand how kinected can enact change not only within our studio and industry but also our greater community at large—to support the moments passing now as well as the future ahead. Our research has focused on three main areas:

– How do we combat racism at home in our studio?
– What barriers to movement education exist for BIPOC and how can we overcome them?
– How can we best support people fighting for the rights of BIPOC?

– Communicate with BIPOC in our community to see how we can best uplift their voices and their work in the coming months.

While we know that no answer is perfect, and more research is always needed, we also know we have to act. We have to take what we’ve learned and do our best to answer the questions above with action. As part of our next steps, we will:

– Hold internal anti-racism trainings within the kinected community.
– Align with and support a community-based public defense legal advocacy group.
– Add content to the current training program that includes education on racism and racial discrimination within the fitness industry.
– Ensure Pilates education is accessible to BIPOC in our current program and through partnerships with fitness educational programs.
– Strategically and respectfully build relationships in BIPOC communities, through which we can discover how to best support education and offer trainings.
– Support the development and expansion of offsite training centers run and owned by BIPOC.

Every step matters. Black lives matter. We look forward to finding a road to a better future with you.

yours in the fight,

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