black lives matter. always.

black lives matter. always.

As a movement, PT and education studio, we can and must do better. Every step we take to counter racism in our community matters—not just in this moment, but far into the future as well.

To start, we will be offering two donation-based classes this week, all proceeds going to Campaign Zero. This is just the first step, and only the beginning for us. We are looking inward, seeking education and guidance, sourcing information, and discussing long-term plans of action to eradicate racism in our community.

Step 1: Donate – two classes the week of 6/1 with all proceeds going to Campaign Zero, as well as future reoccurring donation-based classes going to NAACP
Step 2: Research – listening and discussing to find long-term ways we can take action and be in support of Black people in our community
Step 3: Amplify – lift up Black voices in our Pilates and wellness community

(to benefit The Innocence Project)
Wednesday, 6/16: 2pm EST w/Mariann Conlon
Friday, 6/19: 11am EST with Hannah Kornfeld

(to benefit NAACP)
Thursday, 6/11 @ 2pm EST w/ Kelly Kane
Friday, 6/12 @ 2pm EST w/ Jane Olsen

(to benefit Campaign Zero)
Wednesday 6/3 @ 2pm EST w/ Matt McCulloch
Friday 6/5 @ 2pm EST w/ Stephanie Bittner

All classes are 45-minutes, suggested donation: $1, $5, $10 or $50, weekly or monthly passes do not apply. Sign up here.

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