fall kinectED line-up!

fall kinectED line-up!

Pilates Through Pregnancy
with Deb Goodman, MSPT
Sat + Sun, 9/30-10/1: 10am-5pm // $475 // 12 KS CECs

In this popular weekend course taught by Deb Goodman, MSPT, learn how to design a safe and creative Pilates program for the pregnant client. Study the anatomical and physiological changes pregnant women experience, particularly understanding the common musculoskeletal changes that occur and how these affect posture, strength, joint health, and typical pregnancy pain issues. Utilizing a non-traditional mat repertoire, discover how to create effective movement protocols to support your clients during pregnancy and prepare them for the challenges to come of labor and delivery.

HIIT 101
with Kelly Kane and Whitney Tucker
Sat, 10/28: 11am-1pm // $250 // 2 KS CECs

*if you register for both workshops you receive a $25 discount on each HITT workshop

During this intensive workshop, we’ll introduce the fascinating research behind HIIT style training and its ability to improve cognition, hormone balance, bone density, coordination, and overall strength. You’ll discover how to seamlessly integrate cardiorespiratory conditioning, bodyweight exercises, and weighted strength training into your classes. This workshop is perfect for Pilates and Yoga Teachers looking to expand their repertoire and add excitement to their classes.

HIIT 201
with Kelly Kane and Whitney Tucker
Sat, 10/28: 2-4:30pm // $275 // 2.5 KS CECs

Ready to elevate your HIIT game? You’ve conquered HIIT 101, and now it’s time to push the boundaries with HIIT 201! Join us for an exciting follow-up workshop that will take you on a journey into the fascinating science behind why High-Intensity Interval Training is the ultimate training modality for everyone, regardless of age, shape, or athletic background. We will dive further into the why of HIIT and the science behind what makes HIIT such a powerful and efficient workout, we will talk about how to effectively monitor and adjust your heart rate during workouts and dive deeper into breathing techniques and their benefits. Lastly, we will guide you through expanding your knowledge of HIIT exercises and guide you through programming strategies for both individuals and groups.

Programming for the Hip
with Stephanie Bittner
Fri, 11/17: 1-6pm // $225 // 5 KS CECs

In this workshop, taught by Stephanie Lang Bittner, students will take a journey of anatomy, pathology, and movement guidelines of the hip. Students will delve deep and learn how to create a safe and effective program for their clients who have pathologies and surgeries such as osteoarthritis, labrum tears, hip dysplasia and hip replacements.Participants will learn new ways of using props to support the body on the mat and equipment and techniques to observe and assess the body. These techniques will give you a new global and local vision to see how everything the client does can affect their daily movement patterns. For many people, having a hip issue is a life-changing event, but with patience and knowledge you will learn how corrective work can restore balance to your client’s body and life! This workshop can be attended live or virtually.
– A recording will be available for 1 week following the completion of the workshop.
– 30 days after the last day of the workshop attendees can purchase the recording with a 50% discount to own.

The Anatomy of Space and Well-being: Creating Fascial + Functional Resiliency in the Body + Mind
with Laurice Nemetz
Sat, 12/2: 10am-2pm // $225 // 4 KS CECs

Creating a resilient body and mind can be helped through an understanding of how our fascia functions and what decisions and challenges we can do to increase movement and mind potential in our lives. This workshop, taught by Lauri Nemetz, will be filled with some of the latest information in fascia, psychology, and understanding spatial use and how to apply these ideas through lots of hands-on movement play and practice.


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