kinectED: 2 perspectives; 1 workshop!

kinectED: 2 perspectives; 1 workshop!

482This month, studio co-founder Matt McCulloch & orthopedic surgeon and accomplished Ironman athlete Dr. Mark Klion are teaming up to present Ask the Expert: Pilates Rehab for ACL & Meniscus Tears. Delve in to the anatomy, biomechanics and pathophysiology of these injuries and explore their medical and surgical treatment with Mark. Then, learn how to put your newly honed clinical knowledge to use with specific Pilates mat, equipment, and in-home programming with Matt. Check out what participants can expect to learn from this informative workshop (from Matt & Mark’s unique perspectives, of course!)

matt headshotMatt says:

  • choreography specifically modified to retrain the knee mechanics with the quadriceps group in an eccentric position, emphasizing patella tracking
  • choreography modified to strengthen the kinetic chain in order to prevent re-injury to the ACL/Meniscus post surgery
  • how to prepare the ACL/Meniscus recovery client for the return to cutting and pivoting activities
  • weight bearing choreography and plyometrics that simulate walking, running and jumping that will increase control and proprioception of the lower extremity

mark klion headshotMark says:

  • basic anatomy and biomechanics of meniscus and ACL structure and function
  • injury patterns and key components to physical exam and diagnostic imaging as it relates to treatment of both meniscal and ACL injuries
  • the indications for conservative management and surgical intervention as it relates to meniscal healing and ACL prognosis
  • the process of rehabilitation for both injuries and the dos and don’ts that lead to successful return to sports

Workshop info:

Date: Saturday, March 29th: 9am-1pm / CECs: Kane School & PMA = 4 hours / Cost: $200 ($100 deposit) / Sign up here!

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