kinectED: The Post-Partum Client

kinectED: The Post-Partum Client

 headshotThis month, Deb Goodman, MSPT is bringing her expertise to Kinected with a number of pregnancy-related offerings. First up is The Post-Partum Client, a kinectED workshop exploring the musculoskeletal changes pregnancy brings, along with the goals of postpartum rehabilitation in its progression. Deb Goodman is a licensed manual physical therapist with specialties in women’s health, dance medicine, and sports medicine. Deb is specifically skilled in treatment of the pelvic floor muscles as well as treatment of pregnancy problems including: sciatica, back/neck pain, pelvic pain, and rib pain, and postpartum problems including: cesarean section recovery, urinary incontinence, pelvic/vaginal pain, and post-delivery scars. In The Post-Partum Client Deb will:

  • review the musculoskeletal changes of pregnancy and how they impact the body postpartum
  • cover in depth how to help women restore the abdominal muscles after pregnancy
  • discuss in depth how to identify severe diastasis recti issues and how to help women with this issue to strengthen safely
  • teach how the thoracic spine and rib cage, pelvis, and shoulders are affected by pregnancy and how to restore the mobility and alignment to these areas
  • offer insight into how to help women recover after cesarean section surgery or vaginal tears/episiotomies

Register now for the workshop on Saturday, January 25th: 9am-4pm. Also coming up with Deb: Ask the Expert: Wunda Chair & Cadillac Programming for the Pregnant Client (co-taught with Matt McCulloch!) and Pre & Postnatal Pilates: a masterclass for moms. Deb will also be available for private sessions at the studio!

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