upcoming kinectED: The Male Client

upcoming kinectED: The Male Client

Studio director Matt McCulloch’s popular Male Client kinectED workshop is coming up on Sunday, 11/11! Find new resources to use with your male clientele in many different situations. In this continuing education workshop, you will learn:

– information and exercises on how to not only teach men about the pelvic floor but why it’s relevant and how to find it and strengthen it

– what a hernia is, how long it takes to recover from one and how men can prevent re-injury

– how men can get a diastsis, how to modify exercises to address it and not make it worse

– how to educate men on a new movement perspective without offending them (most men overtrain and still approach their fitness programming just like they did in college)

– new exercises and how to modify traditional Pilates exercises to deepen men’s connection to their deep stabilizers, as male clients typically have super strong superficial muscles, which is why they can muscle through most Pilates exercises and not “feel” anything.

Don’t miss this workshop!
Sun, 11/11: 9am-4pm

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