thorax masterclass + anatomy lecture!

thorax masterclass + anatomy lecture!

The first core principle we teach at the Kane School is breath — integral to movement in obvious ways, but as we hone in on the thoracic region this month, we get to explore how all the ribs, the organs they protect and the muscles they involve orchestrate our incredible ability to breathe and regulate our nervous systems. The thorax, literally meaning breastplate in latin, involves not just the sternum and ribs that attach there, but everything in the 360 degree range around vertebrae T1-12, including those lower back ribs + that crucial diaphragmatic breath. Learn more with us this month in our mods, PT to Pilates, student lecture series + masterclass!

Student Lecture Series: Mon, 9/25, 12-1pm, FREE! virtual + in-person, with Mariann Conlon
Equipment masterclass: Mon, 9/25: 1-2pm, $35, in-person only and capped at 5 people. Student class cards are applicable! Sign up here.

Open to ALL!

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