virtual kinectED: revolutionary practices

virtual kinectED: revolutionary practices

kinectED workshop: Revolutionary Practices w/ Kelly Kane is THIS FRIDAY, 10/9: 3-7pm EST!
$150 // 4 KS CECs
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→ Recording available to paid registrants until 7pm on Wed, 10/14

Revolution is required to upset the natural order of the dominant social order. Revolution requires resilience, adaptability and clarity of thought and action. In this time of loss, it is the time to root to rise, to solidify our strength. This process has to start with the body. Processing trauma, coalescing our internal force, and taking this opportunity to imagine a new world order and perspective comes from perseverance, adaptability and love. Love and care for oneself is the primal framework from which to support your community and our planet. In this virtual workshop taught by Kelly Kane, you will learn techniques to recover from stress, trauma and isolation. Techniques rooted in body informed trauma treatment and stress management will be presented. Additionally, attendees will have the practical experience of designing their our own practice to prime us for their own personal revolution.

You will learn practices to:
-to increase vagal tone
-breathing practices to balance the autonomic nervous system
-to unearth your subconscious thoughts that are limiting towards galvanizing your strength
-learn how to calm yourself and strengthen your social/emotional engagement system through understanding the 10 cranial nerves.
-fascial and neural mobilization techniques to calm and mobilize!

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