Happy Summer Feet

Happy Summer Feet

Read & view Kelly’s famous foot advice for keeping your toes a-tappin’ this summer! Want more? View our class schedule to see when she will be teaching!

Kelly says:

Having healthy summer feet is a must for any New Yorker!  When we switch from shoes that have support and shock absorption to flip-flops and thin-soled shoes, our feet need to be strong and adaptable to be able to handle the transition (while also looking great).  This series of exercises will provide you with a few ways to keep your feet pain-free and strong through the summer.


Check out the vid for:

·      Lower leg stretches and mobilizations with the world-renowned Kane School ball to keep the plantar fascia and subtalar joints happy.

·      Theraband exercises to cultivate muscular support and strength.

·      A few other gems to keep your anterior tibialis and the intrinsics of the foot active and supporting the arch.

If you are a movement or fitness professional and interested in learning more, come join me for an in-depth look at the anatomy, physiology and a multitude of exercises to cultivate a real foot fetish: The Foot Workout with Kelly Kane: July 23rd & 24th; 10am-1pm.

For more tips on keeping your tootsies tickled, see Carrie’s advice on staying healthy in heels.

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