hip focused SLS + masterclass

The pelvic floor

hip focused SLS + masterclass

This month we’re focusing on the hip! In our pilates mat certification, hip differentiation is one of our 9 core principles. part of this principle is knowing how and where the femoral head scoops in flexion, extension, abduction and adduction—and when it scoops well in all of these actions, the pelvic half can remain stable and the SI and the joints of the lumbar spine do not overmobilize. Learn more about the anatomy, function + pathologies of the hip in our student lecture series + accompanying masterclass with Mikayla Gill!

→ SLS: Mon, 4/29: 3-4pm (free, open to all, in-person)
→ Equipment masterclass: Mon, 4/29: 4-5pm (in-person, $35, 5-person cap)

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