new virtual kinectED!

new virtual kinectED!

Developmental Mis-steps: Pilates + Corrective Exercise as a Solution
with Dr. Jennifer Hutton, DPT + Matt McCulloch
Thurs, 12/3: 1-5pm EST
$175 // 4 KS CECs
→ Recording available to paid registrants until 5pm on Tues, 12/8

As we develop from infancy into adulthood, there are motor milestones that are key in the process of us becoming functioning individuals. When these milestones are not reached or fully expressed, it can lead to movement dysfunction and postural abnormalities.

Join Jennifer Hutton, DPT and kinected Director Matt McCulloch as they discuss the details these motor milestones in children, assessment, and how they manifest physically when they are not met. Additionally, they will cover practical examples of how Pilates and corrective exercise can be utilized as an intervention in children to address these mis-steps.

Please note: registration closes at 12pm EST on Thurs, 12/3
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