Core Muscle Anatomy with Carrie McCulloch, MD

Core Muscle Anatomy with Carrie McCulloch, MD

Read on for our Q&A with FAMI and kinected co-founder, Carrie McCulloch on why you should check out the upcoming CMA course in Cold Spring, NY 11/4-5 & 11/18-19.

Why do you think anatomy is important to the education of movement professionals?

Learning the body from the inside out lends a critical edge to any teacher. Understanding the layers of the body–from muscles and bones to organs and physiologic systems–irrevocably changes a teacher’s view of the human form. A strong foundation in anatomy allows a teacher to effiiently assess a client’s posture and program a relevant session; it empowers a teacher to not only think critically and scientifically, but also take liberties when needed. I like to think of anatomy as the science upon which the art of movement can do its work.

How is the kinected Core Muscle Anatomy different from other anatomy workshops?

Learning anatomy can be daunting—and, let’s face it, even boring—but it doesn’t have to be! Amongst the many lessons I learned in medical school was how to survive in a huge sea of information, facts, and random things to memorize. I honed my approach to studying to make it fun, relevant, and efficient. Our Core Muscle Anatomy program is based on that approach. We distill volumes of anatomy information into two applicable and digestible weekends for movement professionals. CMA is what you need to know to begin a lifelong love and journey of studying the human body.

Learn more about Carrie…
Carrie McCulloch, MD, is a graduate of The Mount Sinai School of Medicine and a co-founder of Kinected. As an educator with a background in both movement & medicine, she creates comprehensive teaching tools and integrative learning experiences for both health and fitness professionals. She is a co-founder of the Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) Workshop, an internationally-renowned anatomy immersion course for fitness professionals held in a medical school setting, and co-author of the FAMI iPad App Series. While in medical school, Dr. McCulloch co-created living anatoME (an award-winning program that teaches anatomy to medical students through Pilates and yoga) and is currently co-authoring Netter’s Moving AnatoME, a resource for health and fitness professionals to learn anatomy through yoga and Pilates . She holds a BS in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and writes frequently on the topics of anatomy, wellness, and women’s health. When not teaching anatomy or movement, Dr. McCulloch tries to keep pace with her two fun-loving energetic little boys.

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