healthy hint: summer swim

healthy hint: summer swim

If your residence is primarily in the Northeast, your swim time is compressed seasonally.
This means that for those who love to swim, you’ll overdo it the first few times you get your opportunity to be aqua man or aqua woman, which increases your likelihood for injury.

swimming pool

And swimmer’s shoulder can be painful.
An easy way to remedy this soreness is an efficient warm up and cool down:

– Stretch out your neck:
Ear to shoulder

– Stretch out your posterior shoulder:
Pull your humerus across your chest

– Stretch out your pec:
Wall stretch with your elbow against the frame of a door

Post swim
– Perform the same stretches as above
– Plus: Ease into a downward dog to release the spine

These simple stretches should reduce your discomfort and keep you above water.

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