Teacher Training Spotlight: Chantal Deeble

Teacher Training Spotlight: Chantal Deeble

Chantal Deeble, teacher trainer extraordinaire, shares her thoughts + advice on the art of teaching and where she gets her inspiration.

Q: What inspired or led you to be a teacher trainer?

The path to become a teacher trainer was originally inspired by a desire to continue deepening my knowledge and experience of the movement modalities that were changing my life in so many ways. There is no better teacher than teaching, so becoming a teacher trainer was the natural progression. Turns out following that intuition revealed to me a true passion and purpose – it is truly satisfying to see the light bulbs go on and to inspire students/future teachers.

Q: What is one thing you’ve learned as a teacher trainer that stands out to you?

The one aspect that continues to awe me is what I already mentioned – that our most powerful teacher is teaching. And so the cycle is self-fulfilling, by teaching I am not only sharing knowledge and experience, but every single course I teach I learn, the work continues to reveal itself.

Q: What have you learned teaching in different environments or in other styles that you are implementing at Kinected?

I am also a GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer and I travel to conduct various courses in the GYROTONIC® Syllabus – often times we are all strangers getting to know one other. We know that learning doesn’t effectively happen when participants are nervous or uncomfortable, so cultivating an open and curious learning environment from the onset bears fruit for all of us. Once everyone is comfortable we can really get to the nitty gritty, and the learning environment becomes like a lab. (infused with laughter, of course!)

Q: How has being a teacher trainer – especially in a teaching studio like Kinected – changed you as a teacher, and as a student?

The team environment and the emphasis on sharing of information at Kinected is inspiring, I am honored to be part of this amazing team. Joining the Kinected teacher training team has refreshed and re-inspired my love of Pilates, both as a teacher and a student.

Q: Any advice to students you’d like to pass along?

Self practice! As a teacher gets busier and time gets tighter a teacher’s own workout time can start to slip. Don’t let it – prioritize your self care, including your own workout. It makes you a better teacher!

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