welcome, Jane!

welcome, Jane!

Meet Jane Olson, our newest resident!

1. Fave muscle, and why?

Serratus anterior. It’s such a quiet, hard worker. It assists in so many movements without a lot of flash, rarely getting the recognition it deserves. A lot of people don’t even know about it, but if the serratus anterior decided to take the day off, they’d really miss it.

2. Preferred prop, and why?

Magic circle. Because, it’s magic (of course!)

3. Fun fact about you…

The name of my hometown is Mexico (Missouri).

Read more about her below + book with her Mondays + Thursdays!

Jane became an instructor following her love of Pilates as a student. After exploring yoga and other modalities, the body mind connection came together for her with Pilates. Her deep curiosity of anatomy and biomechanics led her to the Kane School for mat and equipment certifications.

As a Pilates instructor she helps clients develop an awareness and knowledge of their own bodies and move in efficient and pain-free patterns. She has worked with chronic issues including disc herniations, osteoporosis, scoliosis, spondiliothesis, osteoarthritis and joint replacement.

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