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Kane School Update

Kane School Update

Kane School Update – the new manual is HERE!!
Join Kane School Directors Kelly Kane + Matt McCulloch as they take you through this 1st workshop to go through the new manual – a result of their collaborative efforts to update the Kane School content. Topics covered: Comprehensive Mat and Phase 1 Equipment Choreography. Attendees will receive the new updated manual as well as links to the new choreography videos. (Look our for the 2nd workshop, introducing Phase 2 material, in 2020!)

Oct 18: Comprehensive Mat, 1-5pm
Oct 19-20: Phase 1: 10-4pm both days

Snag your spot
$500 // 16 KS CECs

*PSST* You can take the Friday portion only!
Need a Comp Mat ED update? Inspiration for your mat practice? Join Matt + Kelly as they update Kane school alumni on the new Comprehensive Mat material. Included will be the new Comp Mat Kane school manual + video links to choreography. 

Comprehensive Mat Update
Fri, Oct 18: 1-5pm

$125 // 4 kane school CEC’s

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