back + spine love

back + spine love

Our region focus of the month is the spine + back and our FREE community lecture is coming up on Tues, 4/23: 6:30-8pm!

Each year close to 3 million individuals are diagnosed with a disc herniation. One of the primary regions where this occurs is the lumbar spine. All of these cases do not result in surgery. Join KFMT Travis Gerrald and Kinected Senior Instructor Kristen Rizzuto as they discuss the pathology of the disc herniation as well as the symptoms and most common causes. Many individuals manage this pathology through physical therapy and self care –
Travis and Kristen will give several examples of this effective approach, combining FMT and in-home exercises.
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Our student lecture series is on the spine + thorax on Mon, 4/29: 12-1pm with Kara Tu –
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Stay tuned for more mods of the month + our masterclass!

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