Core Stabilization + Diaphragmatic Breathing in Yoga Asana

Core Stabilization + Diaphragmatic Breathing in Yoga Asana

All effective, powerful movement depends on proper diaphragm function. Creating and maintaining intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) is essential for an injury-free yoga practice. Without correct trunk stability, compensation, poor movement patterns, muscle, joint strain and increased injury risk result. Join Michael Ballentine PT, DPT + Katherine Bradshaw RYT for a 2-hour Masterclass that will teach you how to refine your Asana through proper diaphragmatic breathing + stabilization. Extensive hands-on corrections will emphasize the critical interplay of chest and pelvis alignment as foundational to ensuring balanced and well supported movement. Learn to recognize and improve correct muscle coordination and integrate this knowledge into your movement and teaching practice. The Core360belt will be incorporated as an effective tool to improve quality movement by facilitating better core function.

Mon, 10/28: 1-3pm, $50
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Michael Ballentine PT, DPT
Michael completed his Physical Therapy Doctorate at NYC’s Hunter College in 2011. His career began working at in dance medicine serving the Broadway community in Manhattan. A longtime student of therapeutic movement, Michael completed a Pilates certification at the Kane School in 2008 and has studied Tai Chi Chuan since 2004. In 2018 he opened the doors of his own private practice, Movement Solutions Physical Therapy in Los Angeles, CA. Michael’s approach to rehabilitation and performance emphasizes movement re-training according to the principles of The Prague School’s Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization approach. This cutting edge approach is based in on human developmental science. Improving movement quality, strength, coordination, breath, and core control are fundamental strategies that not only resolve painful symptoms but also increase performance and resilience.

Katherine Bradshaw, RYT
Katherine Bradshaw Yoga, based in Los Angeles, offers private and public yoga classes – as well as movement retreats locally and abroad. Katherine’s popular classes are filled with skillful hands-on corrections directed at consistent ‘alignment refinement’. She also keeps movement flowing while integrating metaphor and imagery. Classes are a whole-person integrative experience. Katherine has been teaching in New York and Los Angeles since 2009. In 2019 she began collaborating with Dr. Michael Ballentine to provide students with a deeper understanding of how diaphragmatic breathing and proper core stabilization can transform their practices. She looks forward to opening a retreat center for long-term yogi transformation in 2024.

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