kinectED: Understanding Scoliosis

kinectED: Understanding Scoliosis

Maintaining a well-balanced spine is vital to one’s well-being; deviations in the structure can impact the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, internal organs, and vice versa. Taught by Kuan Hui Chew, an innovative and sought-after performer and teacher, Understanding Scoliosis explores the three-dimensional compensatory nature of scoliosis, the causes and effects of spinal deviations, and methodical ways to identify typical postural holdings. Participants can expect to learn:

  • the physiology of scoliosis
  • how to assess the spine and pelvis and identify their movement patterns
  • about one’s own holding patterns through team assessment
  • exercises that are tailored to specific spinal and pelvic holding patterns to unravel the torque and provide better dynamic musculoskeletal balance
  • how to improve clients’ proprioception and heighten their awareness so that adjustments have longer lasting effect

Sat + Sun, 11/11-12: 9am-2pm – snag your spot now.

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