hypno-mat benefit class!

hypno-mat benefit class!

Hypno-Mat Pilates Class
with Brooke Greenwald

Monday, 10/16: 6:30-7:30pm // all proceeds go to O’Shae Sibley’s GoFundMe

Donations accepted: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100

In this class, we will bust the myths about hypnosis and discuss briefly
how hypnosis works. You will then experience hypnosis with suggestions
related to treating yourself with gentle, loving care and moving through
the class with greater alignment and ease. We will also program strength,
flexibility and balance. You will then flow through a 40 min Pilates mat
class with props. Then, you will experience hypnosis again to reinforce
and solidify your physical and emotional gains of self love, self care and
moving with greater flexibility, strength and balance.

Brooke is a graduate from Kinected in NYC. She fell in love with Pilates and its focus on form and alignment, when she was injured from traditional fitness modalities. She is also a hypnosis practitioner and specializes in medical hypnosis. She created Hypno Pilates, combining her two loves, so others can experience the magic of combining mind and body to heal and feel their best.

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