march masterclass!

march masterclass!

Our very own Michael Ballentine returns to NYC to teach a 2-hour masterclass next month!
Understanding the Diaphragm’s Role in Breathing + Core Stabilization:
3/8, 5-7pm, $45
1 Kane School CEC
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Did you know optimal core activation, spinal stabilization, breathing, and efficient movement all rely on proper diaphragm function? Creating and maintaining good intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) is essential for a strong and stable core. The pattern of 360∞ breathing and core activation is the ideal and natural way human’s function yet the majority of us are unable to use our diaphragm correctly. When diaphragm and abdominal coordination are incorrect, instability, compensation, and poor movement patterns result, increasing the risk of injury.

Join Michael Ballentine PT, DPT for a 2-hr masterclass diving deep into understanding the muscles involved in effective core function. Learn how to recognize when they are being utilized correctly and how to integrate this knowledge into your movement and teaching practice. The Core360belt will be introduced as an effective tool to improve quality movement by facilitating better core function.

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