pilates mat circuit masterclass!

pilates mat circuit masterclass!

We’re so psyched for this masterclass! Portia Page + Erika Quest are coming to NYC to teach a Pilates Mat Circuit masterclass!
Mon, 2/11: 9-10:15am, $30
Snag your spot now.

Add rings, roller, bands and balls to your Pilates mat workout to create challenges, modifications, exciting sequences and new experiences. The class takes Pilates beyond the mat to address functional exercises for everyday life, standing work, upper body strength, balance and dynamic lower body exercises. Erika and Portia bring the energetic California spirit to NYC in this fun, dynamic and challenging workout on the mat!

Portia Page teaches, writes, travels, takes pictures and loves people and animals – and not necessarily in that order. Portia can spot a true ‘Teaser’ a mile away, but never met a ‘Swan’ she didn’t love or a ‘Hundred’ she couldn’t count. Her literary aspirations include writing another book, but she has already written a mildly successful one called ‘Pilates Illustrated’ where, believe it or not, she has photos of Pilates exercises! J She has a profound, yet somewhat disturbing, addiction to chocolate covered cherries and has been known to eat one while ‘Swimming’ or ‘Rolling like a Ball’! She worships her dog Nestle (yes, like the chocolate) and her books (especially the anatomy ones since she’s an anatomy nerd and book worm extraordinaire). When not giving smooches to Nestle or taking sunrise/sunset photos (fiddler on the roof beware), Portia can be found in the gym or studio teaching a grueling class to sweaty people, or playing loud music while choreographing her next class.

Erika Quest, PMA-CPT, Owner of Studio Q Pilates Conditioning in Laguna Beach, CA is an honored Balanced Body® Master Instructor, part of the BOSU® & Hedstrom Elite Team and is also a BASI® Graduate. She is also a regular instructor for the prestigious Pilates Anytime, Inc., a premier presenter and international educator at many fitness and wellness conventions including IDEA®, SCW, AFC, ICAA, Pilates In Asia & Pilates On Tour. A former corporate marketer for fortune 500 companies, she now has the great joy of sharing her passion of wellness daily!

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